Why SEO & SMM?

The modern era of marketing has set an extraordinary standard from products to marketing methodologies things are quite different from the past they were and forecast on the marketing methods reveal that SEO could provide a much better return of investment to the investor than the traditional marketing practices such as TV ads and printed ads hence SEO is of much importance in today’s marketing but still let us discuss about other criteria why it needs an importance.

The first criteria would be that the visibility in the search engine ranking. consider that someone searches for you or your product on the search engine. the result which the search engine would display will depend upon the keywords which you have utilized how many links you have given to that page and the content of the page such as images. Based on these things you may get the ranking hence you would be visible to the customers who might be looking for you.

Probably you never need to keep your shop in the times square or any to increase your business just you can put yourself in SEO . Which would provide you a much better of the cost effective marketing in the on-line marketing.

SEO is a way of promoting your business that does not sleep 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days around the year.

The other name of SEO is trust . It creates trust to the users when he gets your website on his different search criteria than a possibility of clicking your website would happen and it also had been revealed trough a study carried out by Nielson in 2012 which found that 58% of customers trust companies which has a website than, with the companies which do not.

If you are a person who dreams of getting your business around the world from your office desk than SEO is the only proved marketing strategy to make that happen.

According to Forbes 94% of the world corporates use social media from advertisers,sellers, buyers to the in between most of them use social media as a vital tool for marketing and 85% of the world people agree that it has given lot of exposure than other sorts of marketing techniques. media bistro declared that about 73% of persons around the world who does small business use social media for the purpose of marketing. A study by Nielsen made aware that 46% of on-line users count on social media while making purchase decisions and about 83% of customers connect to the brand on face-book and about 53% on twitter. But there is some more benefits on social media which reached the other part of marketing strategy.

The first thing would be that you get an direct customer interaction with your customers through social media and it seems to be that 53% of marketers use social media as a two way conversation tool through we may come to know about our customer base, their problems with your products and improvements which has to be made over it.

The second thing would be that it is one of the cost effective methods in the world of marketing and it has the ability to reach the target audience and the potential customers conveying your product through social media in form of message or keywords in twitter will find you customers you didn’t know existed.

SEO and SMM plays a vital role in the process of online marketing.