UBUNTU actually means humaness. which could be even called as humanity towards others, here comes the actual goal of ubuntu “The belief in the bond of sharing which connects all humanity” the free software concept.

UBUNTU a debian based linux operating system which can run almost your personal computer,smart phone and your network server if any, which uses unity as the default user interface.

Ubuntu was created by canonical a uk based open source software development company which encourages people to use free software. The initial release of ubuntu was made in the year 2004 on october 20th which is about eleven years ago and in between we had many successors and in present we have the final version of the or the UBUNTU 16.04 LTS.



XENIAL XERUS or the UBUNTU 16.04 Lts The successor to the willy werewolf in terms of long term support and one of the next long term support release 16.04LTS comes with numerous updates it means you will recieve updates until 2021. the xenial xerus is based on the linux 4.4 LTS and it is one of the first to be released with systemd as the default service manager. The other most important features are as follows:

  • In the new UBUNTU 16.04 the python is upgraded from 2 to 3.5 series, still python 2 is available for the users.
  • Golang tool chain has been upgraded to 1.6 series and gcc-go to gcc6 the standard library and compiler.
  • Docker has been moved to the new version 1.10 so existing images should be migrated to the new format.
  • PHP is upgraded to 7.0 so it requires modifications to custom php extensions and need to modify php source code.
  • UBUNTU 16.04 LTS includes a new port of 64 bitz architecture for the Ibm main frame computers.
  • GNOME is upgraded to 3.18 and Glib to 2.48.
  • UBUNTU software center is replaced by GNOME software center.
  • XENIALXERUS 16.04 Lts comes loaded with GNOME calendar as default.
  • Chromium is updated to version 48 and firefox to version 45.
  • online search can no more be done using dash in UBUNTU 16.04LTS.
  • disk burning software brasero has been removed from UBUNTU 16.04 default programs.
  • Default libraries and applications are ported to use web kit 2.
  • UBUNTU 16.04 comes with the feature ability to rotate the unity interface by unity launcher to the bottom of the screen

Here are some of the links so that you can download Ubuntu 16.04:-

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