Top 5 Content Management Systems

The modern world paves no way to outdated. In the case of websites an outdated website would be ranked worst in the search engine results. So to fix this thing we need help from the content management systems. When speaking about content management system. There are many available. But When you are looking for the best out of the rest, then you really should not miss this blog.

Here are some of the best cheapest and the top 5 content management systems which are widely used and these CMS will keep you updated and does a great job in optimizing your page for SEO. So let us check those best CMS.



  • WordPress is one of the best, most popular and widely used content management system which is provided free from the open source.

  • WordPress is based on PHP and MYSQL and its user friendly for both the developer and the user.

  • WordPress is used by more than 10 million top websites as per reported in 2016.

  • As we know for its name WordPress is a popular blogging system which is used by 60 million websites currently.

  • WordPress consists of many themes. Some themes are premium they need to be purchased and some themes are free, and they developer can create their own themes if needed.

  • WordPress uses a plugin architecture, by using a plugin you can add features and functionality to your web page. WordPress has about 43,000 plugins.

  • WordPress exists even for mobile platforms such as Android, IOS, Blackberry and Windows.

  • Support is given by online forums and by an active online community of WordPress developers and users across the world.

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  • Joomla is the second popular and widely used content management system which is provided free from the open source.

  • Joomla is based on PHP and uses object oriented programming and software design patterns and MYSQL as database .

  • Joomla has been downloaded about 60 million times as of 2015 and becomes the second widely used cms.

  • Joomla has more than 7,700 extensions which are provided free and for commercial use by the users and offers more content and structural flexibility.

  • These extensions are classified as modules, plugins, components, languages, and templates and overall Joomla is a developer oriented tool.

  • Templates are responsible for the overall look and the way which a website should appear to the user. Plugins increase the functionality of the website.

  • Languages are some of the simple extensions in Joomla.

  • Supported by a long list of active developer community and many online tutorials are also available.



  • Drupal is also a content management system provided for free from the open source.

  • Drupal uses PHP and used as a back end framework for websites and goes much deeper into the cms architecture.

  • Drupal accounts for lesser number of users when compared with Joomla and WordPress still it has the third largest number of users around the world.

  • Drupal has about 33,000 modules which could extend the overall capabilities of the website.

  • Drupal offers a complicated application programming interface for developers and it is a developer oriented tool, it requires technical expertise to work with.

  • Drupal is used in building very complex, advanced and versatile websites.

  • Drupal plays a vital role in tagging, categorizing of very complex content .

  • Great support from one million members of the community and 30,000 of developers. You also have thousand of members participating in the daily forum discussions.

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  • This CMS system is provided free from the open source

  • This CMS is also PHP based and uses MYSQL for the database.

  • CMS made simple is a great tool for developers and programmers alone.

  • CMS made simple is provided as a base package which includes a search function, news manager and WYSIWYG editor.

  • Apart from base package the user has to add modules to increase the functionality of the website.

  • Support in cms made simple is provided by built in help which is provided in the package and you also get online docs. Both the commercial and paid support are provided by the community.



  • Text pattern is also one of the free cms from open source which is based on PHP.

  • Text pattern is one of the highly flexible content management system which is easy to use.

  • Text pattern has only 120 front end themes and 700 plugins and only 50 modules.

  • Text pattern uses TEXTILE to convert plain text entered by the user into valid XHTML both for the articles and content.

  • By adding plugins and mods you can make text pattern a better content management system.

  • Text pattern is one of the best user friendly cms for non technical users. And it has a very smaller community, providing support.

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