Should I Upgrade To UBUNTU 16.04 ?

should i upgrade to ubuntu 16.04

If you are the one who really love windows then definitely this blog is not for you. Because this blog is definitely for those nerds, geeks and programmers who really love open source than any other.


I really cannot suggest you to upgrade from whatever you are running to ubuntu 16.04 just for a single reason that, I did so. And even not for the reason that open source provides updates for this LTS version of ubuntu untill 2021. and definitely not for the reason you get a lot of free softwares from the gnome software center. And not for the same with libre office which will be a free word editing tool for ever which will replace your paid Microsoft.

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Looking For

If you are really looking for a robust and hard like metal, safe like a fortress operating system than you really have to go for the latest release of ubuntu 16.04. at the same time if you are looking for free enterprise and development solutions than you should definitely choose this thing.

My Preference

should i upgrade to ubuntu 16.0

I prefer ubuntu 16.04 because, I love it. Initially it had some bugs on the first release but it was fixed by updates issued by the open source. So upgrading to ubuntu is really a matter of worth.

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Which You Love

The latest version of ubuntu enables you to minimize or maximize the window just by clicking the icon on the launcher. Which is similar to windows which was not available in any other versions of ubuntu.

Spyware has been disabled from the search so none of your local search history would be reported nor suggested later to you by the coanical and your privacy remains protected.

The latest version of ubuntu facilitates snap which could be installed along with Debs. So that you can install proprietary software or the latest version of some big open source projects.

The latest version of UBUNTU built on LINUX kernel 4.4 it offers a great support for computers with intel skylake chips.

This LTS version of ubuntu supports AMD GPU graphic driver architecture

Which you hate

The latest version of ubuntu will not support proprietary drivers so never install ubuntu when you have those in your pc try to stick on to the previous versions of ubuntu.

Ubuntu does not support AMD catalyst driver so if you are running the earliest versions of ubuntu it is safe to stay with that.

So it might seem that you should upgrade to UBUNTU 16.04

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