Make Your Website Faster With CDN


A content delivery network enables you to share your website in a wide number of servers across the globe which enables people in a region to access your website faster as if your website is located at that region. When it comes to SEO, speed at which your page loads definitely matters and CDN enables you to load your website faster so that you can retain your customers and reduce the bounce rate which can affect your search engine ranking and this blog is on how to make your website faster with CDN.


A content delivery network actually work’s in a manner it cache’s your website. Let us see with an example. Imagine that your website is hosted on a primary server, which is present in chennai. The people of Banglore access your website during this process the have to go through a number of routers and switches in the network in order to access the package and this can really trouble you When you are focused nationwide and globally and as a reason this will lead to the loss and degradation due to the bad hardware which is present across the network.and sometimes the device in between the visitor’s computer and the server in which your website is present would be faulty and will experience a heavy traffic when many visitors visit your website per day.

The thing what content delivery network does is that it copies your site from Chennai to a server in Banglore, which in turn cuts the areas in which problem’s may arise and makes your site load faster.


Since your website is cached to the servers which are near to the users around the nation or world whenever the user access your website, the website will load faster and at times of increase in traffic to your website which would use more of the CPU and the memory. The CDN actually distributes your websites to every servers present in the CDN so that it will not affect the CPU performance and memory and enable your site load faster.


Content delivery networks are designed in a manner keeping your server uptime in mind. As a reason your website will remain online forever without going offline. By the use of cached copies of the servers as a result your website will show an uptime of 100%.


In a content delivery network your data is shared across various servers in the network in different locations which reduces the potential risk of experiencing the malicious attacks. Which makes CDN a more secure. The CDN server comes with robust firewall which can stop attacks like an injection of SQL, service denial and hijacking package. But still there is no online server like 100% protected. Eventough every attack makes the security involvment more stronger. And in CDN network when one server is attacked it leaves the other server unaffected. And the attack cannot travel over your entire network of the server. As a reason of many duplicate content in many servers the primary server is left un attacked and un identifiable and by usage of disaster recovery you can bring back the duplicate contents stored on the servers.


Since quick loading matters for search engine optimization choosing CDN becomes the necessity for websites which have heavy traffic and number of users across the globe. Some of the websites which could be benefited by CDN are as follows.

  • E-commerce websites.
  • Globally wide universities.
  • Multinational companies & corporations.
  • Websites with thousand of visitors per day.
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