LINUX crafted by linus trovalds is one of the best and widely used open source operating system which is provided free of cost. It is based on the linux kernel which forms the basis of every linux operating system. Since it is a major open source operating system which is issued under the general public license the end user can download the linux iso from the online source and make modifications on the funtionality and redistribute it to other users as a result of which we have more than 100 versions of linux operating system. widely known as linux distribution or distro hence it provides flexibility to the users and developers.

LINUX distros vary in design, functionality and sophistication and these softwares are constantly updated by the open source community and redistributed and made available in the online source as a result we can try any versions of the operating system with zero cost and some of the well known linux os which are closest to windows are UBUNTU, DEBIAN, FEDORA, OPENSUSE, LINUXMINTARCHLINUX, GENTOO.

LINUX provides live boot so without even installing it into your hard disk you can use the operating system to its full potential and if satisfied you can install it to the hard disk of your computer. This is the only operating system which has a huge online support in the form of tips, blogs, forums and tutorials from the community consisting of developers and users.

LINUX is the one and only reliable and highly secured operating system around the world and the main reason behind that is linux os secures through privilages and authentication as a reason even the self executable malware files cannot run automatically. The next thing would be that it deos not have any back door. If any vulnerability issues arise in linux it will be fixed and update immdiately by the community and it is one of the reason why it gained fame in the IT field.

LINUX was actually developed for desktop based computers on the intel X86 architecture but it ran almost on every computer and hardware platforms. Linux even ran the single board computer such as raspberry pi and linux is most compatible with new hardwares. Linux is widely used by the corporate, scientific and academic organisations of every size. This operating system powers the development machines and servers at GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, NASA, NEWYORK STOCK EXCHANGE. Apart from these linux in its original form of operating system on SERVERS, MAINFRAME COMPUTERS, SUPERCOMPUTERS. Linux even runs the complex embedded systems whose hardware is typically built into firmware and highly tailored to the system in form of smart phones and tablet computers running android and other linux derivations and in network routers and automation controls.

LINUX provides more than 1000’s of software programmes in form of free utilities and games and some of the complex applications such as the GIMP, OPEN OFFICE, STAR OFFICE are provided to the users for free. The next great thing about linux is that the gui can be customised similar to windows or osx. Linux is capable of running programmes made for windows with WINE and it supports wide array of software and programming languages than any other operating system. Linux has the largest installed base of all general purpose operating system.