Digital marketing.


digital marketing


The process of marketing of the product and service through every digital medium or channels over the internet is referred as digital marketing.

Usually digital marketing is carried out through various channels, both on the internet and off the internet by means of digital devices.

Digital marketing is called by different names around the world some call it “web marketing” some call it “online marketing”snd for some it is “ internet marketing“ but the general name is DM (digital marketing)

digital marketing

There are about 14 channels which are used to market through the internet. Such as search engine optimization, influencer marketing, e-commerce marketing, search engine marketing, content automization, social media marketing, content marketing, campaign marketing,social media optimization, e-mail direct marketing, display advertising, e-books, optical discs, games.

Off internet marketing is done through mobile phones in form of sms and mms.


Digital marketing evolved during the mid of 1980’s by the company SOFT AD GROUP currently CHANNEL NET which did advertising for the automobile companies.

The creation of devices in which one could access digital media made DM more refined. A statical study on the DM revealed that the growth of DM is about 48% by the year 2010 and about 4.5 trillion advertisements have been made annually


Customer who uses the product gives reviews and ratings through which new customers gets the trust over a new product which he or she is going to purchase. A branding is done by the customer itself rather than the company. Hence these things lead to brand awareness.


  • Digital marketing provides two way communication between the end user and the organisation.
  • Ability to reach vast number of potential customers around the world.
  • Brand can be promoted around the year 24*7 despite of location.
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