A content management system can be stated as a computer application that allows the user to create and modify digital content by using a common user interface which allows multiple users to work in a single collective environment. This cms is in existence from the late 90’s. itself the coders never knew what they were making which ended up partial application and more of bloats and most of them gave up the idea of cms.



The second stage for developing a cms was to understand the functional idealogy behind the cms and built the key features including text editing, search, html,survey tools,podcasts. The team of specialists were lead by softwares giants of the time such such as reddot, dotnetnuke and mambo currently known as joomla. All of these happened at the time of the formation of the open source movement, so a new category in the world of software came to existence free software and paid software.

As a result of these content management systems became very famous. Those who had website began to say “I need that” so web development companies began to recruit coders and designers for putting their clients website in CMS framework. The open source movement resulted in the creation of famous open source apps such as the WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and SilverStripe.


  • The first advantage is that you can make a real time update like publishing, add a new page, add a video to your web pages without making the pages offline.
  • The second advantage is that content management system provides flexibility for the developers by means of enabling non technical person to publish a content on the web page without the help of the developer and this frees the developer so that he can focus on the functionality and to enhance features of the web page.
  • Any approved user can quickly and easily publish the content online just by filling the text boxes with required content, images and links so there is no need for the publisher to have a complicated knowledge in software or programming skills.
  • The changes made in the content does not affect the design or the theme of the web page and the content gets optimized automatically to the design and theme of the web page.
  • The team which manages the the site will have access to all the shared resources such as audio, video and content of the page despite of their locations and storage of data over the internet.
  • The content management system provides remote access so you can access and update from any part of the world through the internet.
  • The content management system is built about with a gret amount of security features which barricades the hackers and keeps your content unaffected.
  • The main feature of cms is this, it enables you to create search engine friendly pages so that search engine optimization can be done by yourself in other words your ranking in your hand it also provides information on what to fix and how to fix.
  • You can access the content managemant system round the clock 24*7 from the control panel.
  • Content management system can also be accessed from your smart phones and tablets and sheduling of post or a content or a video can also be done.