Beware of Ransomwares! A Security Breach

We live in the age of technology, we live in the age of corrupt, in-security to our data’s from NSA to hackers and to the ransomware operators or the CRYPTOLOCKER which tends to be the burning hot story in the world of computer viruses and malware.

In present many of the business people who use email and other internet services are affected by the ransomware virus around the world , usually these ransomware trojan are attached with the fake email which appear to be like from the service provider or from your email, domain with the subject as document1.pdf pretending to come from netadmin<nadiam1pa @ your email domain .tld> opening these email will run the bot and download the ransomware. Some of these ransomware will lock the computer and some will encrypt the hard disk and they will steal your social media sites password online banking details and display to pay the ransom to unlock the computer by means of paying the operator the ransom which he tends for. the highly affected operating system around the world is the windows.

So here are some precautions to get rid of these ransomware(cryptolocker) from being downloaded to your computer. So never open any attachment to an email, set your folder option to show your file types, If you see file extensions such as .js,  .exe,  .com,  .pif, and  .scr at the end of the filename, then you should never try to open it or click it than it will infect your computer. Keep operating systems and programs updated, install a good anti-spyware with real time protection, backup your data periodically, never use the same passwords for different sites, obviously watch what you download.

Even the FBI is advising the victims to pay for the ransomware operators to get their data’s back. Ransomware is not a worry for the computers alone it can lock up files on a entire network and bring it down and they can even make way into your smartphones and tablets.