Backup And Recovery Using Open Source Tools


Open source provides you with a variety of tools in order to backup and recover your precious data’s it may be your personal nor enterprise. Open source provides you with the best and cost less tools to use



One of the best user friendly software and an effective tool for overall backup and disaster management of the data is provided by Redobackup. This software is also used as Antivirus, the complete system backup can be retrieved even when the hard drive gets burned or crashed or infected by a computer virus.

There is no need for installing this software onto your computer, this software can boot in a few seconds of time, the size of the software is less than 300 MB. You can have a complete access to the file system even without logging in. Every type of file can be recovered using this software. Has a very simple graphical user interface. This software is potent to work on both Windows and Linux file systems. You can load the software even without the use of the operating system. This software helps you to recover both the deleted and lost data from your hard disk.



This is one of the powerful system imaging tools which is made available from open source and this does not require any boot disk nor cds. The fog uses PXE and TFTP. The main feature of the fogproject includes the capability of imaging multiple systems and you can image the maximum of 50,000 computers at high speed. This fog supports Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems.



This software is one of the most reliable and the widely used disaster and recovery software from the open source. This software is used in the process of backing up of a Linux based system to other storage medium.

Mondorescue is used by SIEMENS, IBM, HP, NASA and the US department of Agriculture. Mondo supports a variety of file systems with zero issues. Mondo has the support to both the hardware and software, mondo comes with it’s own distro name mindi which provides boot environment for data restoration process and also with some other distros such as Opensuse, Fedora, Redhat and Ubuntu.

Some of the other free tools for backup and recovery are as follows

  • Recuva
  • Pandora recovery
  • Free undelete
  • Active file recovery & undelete
  • Unformat
  • Wise data recovery
  • Un delete my files pro
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