“ Many of life’s failure are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up” but in the case of winners every moment they believed that they were near to the chance of winning, they visioned it every moment, and in last their vision became an reality. Many of the achievers would have come across this criteria but they were some who stood in their line as a legend of all time’s and they are the one who “stay hungry and stay foolish” and keep on looking for new ideas and never settled to one and it is none other than Steve jobs co-founder and CEO of Apple.

It was a growing like a start up at his teen age he had no basics of hardware nor software still he was a tech enthusiast .soon he found someone who was like him Stephen Wozniak a techie and a hacker accompanied him. At that time they had computers and they did not appeal as they were today and Stephen Wozniak came up with an idea of modifying it and they started in Steve jobs mothers garage in the year 1976, April 1 and the computer which they made was show cased in the west coast computer fair in the year 1978 as the apple computer one and it tends to be the first ever personal computer at that time.

Steve jobs wanted to make interface with the computer easier so he approached xerox they had a mouse which used to give input into system Steve jobs acquired the idea of the mouse and he re invented it and added to his apple computer and apple became the first ever personal computer to be sold at that time. It lead to the technological revolution in the age of personal computer and due tot this Steve jobs needed investors so he made the company public and he made about 200 million dollars at the age of 25 itself in the year 1980. initially apple had three co founders the third person was Ronald Wayne he designed the first ever apple logo for the company but he left the company in 12 days itself.

Steve jobs began to work on the next computer. Lisa in 1983 and it was launched to the public but it became a floppe to the company later Macintosh was launched it suffered the same as Lisa. due to this investors lost trust on Steve jobs and Steve left apple he joined pixar studios. Again he came up with a new concept of animation through computer and it made a big hit at that time the toy story movie. which set new era in the world of animations movies and in 1991 pixar was purchased by Disney studios. So Steve purchased the next computer he was not able to run the company so next was purchased by apple inc Steve jobs joined as an intern CEO in the year 1997 later he became the CEO.

Steve jobs had a concept of play things to play risk and an vision of making complex thing very simple so he launched the I POD in 2001 October which was a music player re invented to be small in size and more in functionality and it set an new era in the world of music following that the i tunes store was launched in 2003 by apple. and this was not enough for Steve so further models of i pod were launched I pod mini, I pod shuffle, I pod nano. with more functionality such as streaming videos and movies.

But to a person who was kicked of from his own company. Thinkings were no merry less so he began to think again as a reason the first iPhone was launched in the year 2007 enabling the user to give input by means of touch by the use of touch captive screen it created a new era in the world of smart phones. With many features such as siri iPhone was not only a device for the visioned it was even a boon for the blind people as a reason we have many blind users of iPhone around the world .

Being an public company iPhone revenue is much higher then of the other market legends. Because apple yields revenue from each of its products. The revenue which apple made from I pad alone is 7.6 billion dollars which tends to be three times more of face-book’s revenue similarly apple made about 26 billion dollars in sale of iPhone alone which tends to be more than the over all of the Microsoft income. By revenue alone iPhone is much bigger than that of general motors and apple holds the record at the 14th place in the history for the net profit which it yields and apple possess about 150.6 billion dollars in cash and it can buy netflix, Tesla, twitter, drop-box, Pandora and spotify at there current company value. Even after that apple would possess about 59 billion dollars in cash alone. This is all the story of apple , the dream and vision of one man which took a startup to a tech titan. He made his product to speak for themselves and that is all what he did