A World Without Linux

Millions of people around the world use internet for their basic needs to  that of the organizational needs. From finding shops to getting solutions to  problems people access internet. If Linux was  not there, there will not be an internet.

Imagine you are searching for an answer to a question. Which you can usually do it from your home using your smart phone or PC through the internet. But if there was no Linux. The  Internet  would not be made to our modern world nor our digital devices.

The fact is that  Linux almost powers about 96% of the 1 million top web servers around the world. Even your smart phone runs on Linux. Google’s entire infrastructure is powered by Linux, even Facebook and other social media utilize the power of Linux to run the servers.

Linux has the largest installed base of the all purpose operating systems. Linux powers supercomputers, mainframe computers, embedded systems, Dell, Ibm and HP and every branded smartphones are built on the Android OS.

If there was no Linux there would be no GPs devices because every GPs device is built on the Linux platform. So a world without Linux will be a world without directions.

If there was no Linux there would not be even our social media. Because every social media use Linux as their server and functional operating system. So if there were no Linux there would be no social media.

If there was no Linux there would be not even our favorite sci-fi movies. Because every movie uses CGI which is based on Linux. So a world without linux would be a world without sci-fi movies.

If there was no Linux there would be no space exploration. Because every satellite systems and even the international space station run on Linux.

A world without Linux, is hard to imagine and impossible.

So switch on to open source.