3 Open Source Alternatives To Acrobat


We are living in a digital era in which everything is digitalisied then why not documents. Times have changed documents are no more in papers they have evolved into digital contents which can save your space and can be accessed anywhere and everyone has begun to use these digital documents from banks, which send digital statements to customers to the employees who receive digital payroll from their firms. Yep, you gain an outstanding advantage in this digital documents nothing but PDF’s which can be protected by Password so that not everyone can access the document except the one who has the access.when someone says PDF than adobe is the word which will strike your mind then definitely this blog is about that. The 3 open source alternatives to acrobat from Adobe.

Adobe acrobat is the only well known and to the best PDF reader of all times. It enables the user to create, edit and format files in the portable document format. Adobe acrobat reader rocked the world, both in the user’s computers and their digital devices acrobat were the choice. Acrobat was provided for free for reading PDF files and if you have tasks with editing than you have to move for the paid version of adobe acrobat and especially this proprietary software was available only for the windows and MAC platform. But things changed soon as they are when the rivals from open source arouse.


Since PDF file formats are used widely in different conditions to suit different needs of documentation open source provides you with some of the best PDF readers and editors for free. Firefox browser comes packed with the default pdf reader so you do not have to install a separate package for reading PDF files. Chromium which is provided by Google as an open source version of google chrome also comes with a default built in PDF reader. The browser provides a great support at the time when you are browsing and what about downloaded PDF files. Open source simply has many.


Evince is one of the best PDF readers provided from the open source for gnome users. And a powerful tool which can handle vast documents quickly and is also compatible with windows. And for those who use the KDE desktop environment, we have okular and similarly we have Sumatra these are some of the readers from open source . What about PDF creators?


For creating PDF files libre office is one of the best basically it is a word formatting tool so whatever you create over there can be exported into PDF format. Inkscape and gimp also support the native PDF formats. And for editing you have libre office draw which can be used in editing of PDF formats.

So for your every documentation needs from complex layout of formatted text to vector or raster image or other combination you always have an open source application for that.

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